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A fic I wrote for AJ's birthday

Title: Gift
Verse: Wicked Bookverse
Pairing: Galinda/Elphaba
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own a bit of Wicked, not the book, not the musical, not any and I'm not doing this for profit just find the toys wildly entertaining.
Author's Note: this was written as a birthday gift for ariestess but in an attempt to keep all my fics posted on my journal i'm putting it here too...hope your birthday rocked AJ and i'm glad i could contribute to it in a good way :).

I want to crack her, I want to see what is under that look.Collapse )

Body Language

Title: Body Language
Pairing: Galinda/Elphaba
Verse: Wicked book or musical you pick
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own wicked...book or musical...i just find the toys fun to play with...don't worry i'll put 'em back when i'm done and won't make a penny off 'em.
Author's Notes: this is for ravenbairn who send me the prompt forever ago...i hope she enjoys and i'm sorry it took so long.


Reading people was simple, usually.Collapse )

character questions meme


Comment to this post and I'll give you a character.

Answer the following questions using that character.

geekgrrllurking gave me Elphaba...i wish...that would be a lovely present


i'll get you my prettyCollapse )

The Play's the Thing conclusion

here's the bulk of the story it's one of those that's just a bit too large for one post darn it...anyway read and enjoy i hope


on with the showCollapse )

The Play's the Thing

a fic i wrote for elekanahmen  from her prompt...i know there are other prompts i received and i am working on them this one just got done first.


part oneCollapse )

CM fic awards

so i crawled out of my flooded house to my computer to discover that i've been nominated for the criminal minds fanfiction awards for best romance and best multichapter...for a story i'm not even finished with yet...but wow what a compliment...so i'm sending this message so my flist can check out all the ficy goodness not just mine...but i won't be sad if you vote for me ;) it's kinda nice to have a bright spot in what has been an extremely wet and exhausting beginning of the year...if i never see wet carpet again it will be too soon...but check it out anyway


there's a lot of great fic there so read and vote...and help distract me from the chaos of my house and such :)


Christmas fangirl squee


i now return you all your your regularly scheduled livejournal reading.


8 Random Things about me

I have been tagged by shatterpath and never let it be said i don't do as i'm told ;)

1) i was born in a town just outside where they filmed the forest moon of endor from return of the jedi...you know when star wars was cool before lucas mangled and destroyed his own mythology

2) i played benjamin the donkey in the musical version of george orwell's animal farm in high school...yes in fact there is a musical version

3) i have conversations with my stuffed animals...that's not too random or weird except they sometimes answer...i kinda feel like velveteen rabbit is a true story...and no i'm pretty sure i'm not nuts but most people who are nuts don't think they are so gather from that what you will

4) the first rock and roll show i went to was when i was 10...i went to jimmy buffet with my mom and grandma...the show rocked

5) i have seven tattoos...that in and of itself isn't too random but to commemorate the end of the series one of my tattoos features the two chakram designs and sais going around my arm...and if that doesn't make sense we may need to discuss a few things *g*

6) i work for starbucks and have for aover eight years but i stopped drinking caffiene about six years ago

7) i love musical theatre so much many of my gay boy friends believe i am a gay man trapped in a lesbian's body

8) i got an A in my pass/fail self defense class in college only the top two students got real grades...the final was to fight of the instructor and two other guys who would attack at random...i kicked ass.

so there you go...randomness has ensued...

i am going to tag racethewind10  and ardvari 


she rises from the silence

hello my flist i've missed you all...for the last month i've been doing nanowrimo which i actually finished...on my first try...i'm quite proud of myself and may actually post it at some point and let folks read it but that is not necessarily why i'm posting

mostly i just want to let you all know i'm back and ready to focus on fic again and I know I owe a few of you some fics i asked for prompts for and i give my word they will be written they just aren't done yet thank you for your patience and time it's much appreciated

so anyway...i'm back

hi *g*

maybe it's just because i have a shiba

but good god if these puppies aren't the cutest effing things on the planet


anyway i just had to share cuz srsly